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Ithaca Receipt Printers

TransAct's Ithaca printers are high-quality, high-performance inkjet, thermal and impact printers for resellers, distributors, retail, and restaurant users.

Ithaca POSjet 1500 Printer

Ithaca POSjet 1500

Based on proven inkjet technology that's been extremely successful in the POSjet 1000, the POSjet 1500 offers the same speed, color choices, easy operation and simple integration as the POSjet 1000, but with a few key additions.

Ithaca 9000 Printer

Ithaca 9000

Print anything from receipts, grill, and beverage labels with a single printer. The Ithaca 9000 thermal is the 3-in-1 workhorse that delivers the ultimate in printing flexibility and cost efficiency.

$284.00 to $387.00

Ithaca  Receipt Paper Receipt Paper

Ithaca Receipt Paper

Receipt paper rolls and ribbon for all Ithaca receipt printers.

$23.90 to $146.00

Ithaca  Label Label

Ithaca Label

Ithaca Receipt Printer Ribbons

Ribbons for Ithaca printers.

$29.70 to $297.20

Ithaca Parts

Products and parts from Ithaca.

$14.30 to $720.50

Ithaca 610 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 8000 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 8040 - Discontinued.

Ithaca BANKjet 1500 - Discontinued.

Ithaca BANKjet 2500 - Discontinued.

Ithaca iTherm 280 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca 9000

Ithaca 93PLUS - Discontinued.

Ithaca 94PLUS - Discontinued.

Ithaca 151 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 152 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 153 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 154 - Discontinued.

Ithaca Epic 880 - Discontinued.

Ithaca KITCHENjet 1000 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca POSjet 1000

Ithaca POSjet 1000 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca POSjet 1500

Ithaca 181 - Discontinued.

Ithaca 500 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca POSjet 1000

Ithaca 510 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca 610

Ithaca 80PLUS - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ithaca iTherm 280

Ithaca 150 Series - Discontinued.