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Intermec Sabre 1400

Intermec Sabre 1400 Scanner

The Intermec Sabre 1400 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Ideal for applications in warehouse and distribution and anywhere durability and strength are required.

A scanning range of up to 19 inches on damaged or poorly printed barcodes, an intuitive, bright, sharp scan line and ergonomic design make the Sabre 1400 extremely user friendly.Exceptional durability combined with low power consumption makes the Sabre 1400 an excellent choice for portable data collection in warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution applications.Capturing data at a rate of 270 scans per second, nearly 7 times faster than conventional laser scanners, the Sabre 1400 has an insatiable need for speed. Plus, the Sabre 1400 will capture barcodes directly off the display of a laptop or vehicle mounted computer - a feature laser scanners only dream about.

The Intermec Sabre 1400 is also known as the Intermec Technologies Sabre 1400

Sabre 1400 Options
Intermec Sabre 1400 (3-650057-10)
Industrial Linear Imager (Trigger and Wedge Cable)
Intermec Sabre 1400 (3-650057-00)
Keyboard wedge kit, includes PS/2 cable.
Intermec Sabre 1400 (3-650019-10)
Scanner only. Cables not included. See accessories.
Intermec Sabre 1400 (3-650019-00)
Industrial Linear Imager (Requires Cable)
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