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Intermec PB20 Accessories

Extra batteries, data cables and power cables.
PB20 Accessories
Intermec (962-018-024)
Manual (Quick Start Guide REV C - Supports Linerless Printer) for the PB20A Printer
Intermec (852-052-301)
In-Line Adapter (30VDC, 2A)
Intermec (852-052-001)
Cigarette lighter power adapter (30V)
Intermec (851-060-002)
Universal power adapter (12 Volt DC, 102-240 VAC)
Intermec (321-578-001)
Data cable: HiRose to PB20, PB40 and PB41 printers
Intermec (320-082-021)
Battery Pack (Lithium Ion, 7.6V, 900 mAh)
Intermec PB20 Accessories (318-030-003)
PB2X/3X BATTERY PACK, 7.2V, 2.25AH, Lithium-ion
Intermec PB Series Printer Accessories (318-030-002)
Battery Pack (7.2V, 2.25AH, Lithium Ion) for the PB2x/3x
Intermec (318-030-001)
Battery Pack (7.2V, 2.25AH, Lithium-Ion) for the PB2x and PB3x
Intermec (226-469-002)
700/681/PB20 Cable, Hirose to RJ45