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Intermec IP30A0U3034 RFID Reader

Intermec IP30 - A, USB CN3, 920-925 China
Easy snap-on installation to Intermec mobile computers

The Intermec IP30 add-on passive UHF RFID handle is a cost-effective, compact, EPCglobal-certified solution for adding mobile RFID read/write capability to Intermec's latest generation of mobile computers including the CN3, CN3e, CK61 and CK61ex. The modularity of the IP30 and the RFID-readiness of the Intermec mobile computers mean the power of RFID can be literally added in a snap today or at any point in the future to support both in-premise and in-field applications such as warehouse operations, enterprise asset management, in-transit-visibility, direct store delivery and exception handling. When combined with Intermec's most powerful mobile computers, the CN3 and CN3e, the Intermec IP30 gives the user unmatched data collection and communication capabilities. Combining integrated RFID and GPS, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WWAN, into a single handheld computer enables pin-point location accuracy for realtime asset, source and service tracking.

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US AC power cord
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Intermec (852-902-001)
SR61 8 Bay Charger
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Battery With Boot Accessory, Honeywell-Intermec, Compatible with SR61 and IP30.
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Battery Adapter for the IP30/SR61 Dock/Charger. Insert to allow IP30 battery to charge in Single dock spare battery cavity. Requires Single Dock (Part# 871-228-101) or Quad Charger 871-230-XXX.
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Intermec (203-980-001)
Kit, Spare CN70 Adp Plate for IP30
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The Intermec IP30A0U3034 is also known as Intermec Technologies IP30A0U3034 .