Intermec IF30 RFID Reader

Intermec IF2 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Intermec IF2.
The IF30 is a cost-effective, high performance fixed reader that reliably reads and writes UHF RFID tags in "RF noisy" environments. The IF30's receive sensitivity enables large populations of tags to be interrogated at high speeds, which is critical to many use cases involving dock doors, portals and conveyors. In addition to reading tags at distances over 15 feet (4.6 meters), the IF30 can filter tag data to prevent sending redundant information to the host system. With best in class Dense Reader Mode performance, the IF30 fixed reader allows users to grow their RFID operations to include multiple dock doors in close proximity, thus enabling accurate, automated receiving and shipment verification. This drives more effective put away processes. Increased receive sensitivity allows the IF30 to interrogate weaker/unreadable tags that often lead to expensive exception handling processes and slower supply chain throughput.

The Intermec IF30 is also known as the Intermec Technologies IF30

IF30 Options
Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader (IF30B12300000014)
(IF30B, 915 FCC)
Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader (IF30B12300000002)
(IF30B, 865 MHz 4CH, ETSI)
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000034)
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000031)
A, 1W, 920-925 MHz Singapore
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000028)
A, 1W, 919-923 MHz, MALAYSIA
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000026)
A, 1W, 920-925 MHz, Hong Kong
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000021)
A, 1W, 921-4-929, NEW ZEALAND
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000019)
A, 1W, 924-4-926, THAILAND
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000018)
A, 1W, 910.6-913.4 MHz, Korea
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000017)
A, 1W, 918-926, AUSTRALIA
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000016)
A Taiwan, 923-927 MHz
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000014)
Fixed RFID Reader
Intermec IF30 (IF30A12300000012)
A, ETSI 302-208 (865 MHz)