Intermec CK32IS Accessories

CK32IS Accessories
Intermec (871-223-002)
Communications Adapter (AN1). Provides Ethernet and USB Client support. Requires RJ45 Ethernet and USB cables. Not for use in hazardous environments. Requires power supply (851-061-007/851-061-207) and country specific AC power cord. Does not provide charge or power. Approved for use in China.
Intermec (871-223-001)
Communications Adapter (Requires Power supply 851-061-007 and AC Cord) for the CK32IS
Intermec CK32IS Mobile Computer Accessories (852-914-002)
Quad Charger (Requires Power supply 851-061-207 and AC Cord) for the CK32AS
Intermec (850-823-001)
Snap-On Adapter (Audio, 1007AA01 CN2644)
Intermec (850-819-001)
Snap-on adapter for enabling Vocollect wired headset. Provides TCO connector for Vocollect headset and use for Vocollect speech client. Compatible only with Vocollect hardware/software.
Intermec (825-186-001)
Kit, Carrying strap, CK32 (Includes leather straps assemblies to support carrying device via shoulder strap, scan handle strap or an extended terminal strap. Certified for use in haz environ with CK32. (For standard hand strap order (Part# 825-183-001)
Intermec (825-183-001)
Hand Strap, CK32 (Includes one (1) customer installable handstrap. Incompatible with use of scan handle (714-625-001). Certified for use in hazardous environment with CK32.)
Intermec (714-625-001)
Handle, CK32 (Customer installable scan handle. Certified for use in haz environ with CK32.)
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Intermec (714-619-002)
Battery Eliminator, CK32 (Replaces battery to allow for extended AC power support provided by the 871-233-001. Does NOT provide charge and is NOT for use in haz environ.)
Intermec (346-312-001)
Screen protector, CK32,10 each (Pack of 10. Certified for use in hazardous environment with CK32.)
Intermec (318-021-001)
Battery Pack, CK32 (Includes (1) one 18 watt hour battery. I-Safe cert allows for battery to be carried separately or changed in haz environ. Requires use of Quad Charger (Part# 852-914-001) for recharing.)
Intermec (236-104-002)
Cable Assembly (I/O, COMM Adapter) for the CK32
Intermec (203-828-001)
Stylus, kit, tethered CK32 (5 pack) (Pack of 5. Certified for use in hazardous environment with CK32.)

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