Intermec 782 Portable Printer

Intermec PR2 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Intermec PR2.

Lightweight, rugged and weather resistant

The new 782 thermal and dot matrix printers are small, light durable units that can be used in even the most challenging delivery environment. Made especially to hold Intermec's 700 Series, 782 offers exceptional clarity and versatility. These printers can quickly print both standard and barcoded receipts plus graphics such as captured signatures. Intermec printers have the features that maximize portability and minimize size along with the ability to withstand the rugged conditions of distribution applications. The printer's simple design makes paper loading easy and Lithium-ion batteries offer maximum power capacity while keeping weight to a minimum

The Intermec 782 is also known as the Intermec Technologies 782

782 Options
Intermec 782 (320-084-00x)
Ntermec 782T - label printer - B/W - direct thermal