Intermec EasyCoder 4440 Accessories

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EasyCoder 4440 Accessories
Cables To Go Cables (02798)
6ft Parallel printer cable. Replaces (Part# PCM-1100-06).
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Intermec Serial printer cable (PCM-1970-06)
9-pin to 25-pin, 6 ft.
Intermec Parallel printer cable (PCM-1100-06)
6 ft. Parallel printer cable.
Intermec (069227)
Ethernet card
Intermec Serial printer cable (PCM-1900-06)
25-pin to 25-pin, 6 ft.
Intermec (72894)
Internal EasyLAN Ethernet Card (for the 3400, 3240, 3440, 3600 and 4400)
Intermec (70069)
Cutter Field Install Kit for the 4420 and 4440
Intermec (64339)
8MB Flash memory expansion 3400e, 4420e and 4440e
Intermec (073981)
Verifier kit for the 4420e and 4440e
Intermec (072884)
Internal EasyLAN Ethernet card for the 4420e, 4440e and 3400e
Intermec (068190S-001)
Thumbscrew Assembly (Spare)
Intermec (067742)
Memory Card for the EasyCoder 4420-4440-3400e Printers, 16MB
Intermec (067695)
Basic catch-tray for the 4440 and 4420
Intermec (064341)
8 MB image memory expansion, Recommended for 8 inch long labels
Intermec (061905)
Narrow Media Adapter Kit (for the 4400B and 4400C Only)
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