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InfinID V-Tag - Asset Tag GPS - Asset, 2-YEAR (requires 3 CR123 Batteries)

Full specifications (PDF)

V-Tag GPS Can Deliver Results
V-Tag INF-VT100-GPS-A GPS is a self healing ad-hoc mesh network that builds its own robust, reliable infrastructure using Fixed V-Tags as a Geo Mesh Network. Each Asset Tag can dynamically obtain its GPS location and then pass the asset latitude and longitude through the mesh network. The mesh network is enabled by simply sticking up Fixed tags wherever tracking is needed. By attaching V-Tag GPS tags to a company's outside assets, end users can then track asset location within 5 to 15 feet. If the end user has to distinguish between two identical looking assets, he or she can activate the V beeper to come pinpoint the asset in question.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand InfinID
Model V-Tag INF-VT100-GPS-A

The InfinID INF-VT100-GPS-A is also known as INF-VT100-GPS-A or INFVT100GPSA .