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InfinID INF-VT100-F6 RFID Tag

InfinID V-Tag - Fixed Position Tag, 6-YEAR Battery

Full specifications (PDF)

Self Organizing and Self-Healing Mesh Network
The V-Tag Model INF-VT100-F6 is a compact active RFID tag that generates its own mesh network. V-Tag Location Tracking System is accomplished by setting up a fixed tag attached to wall, ceiling, fences and posts around the location being monitored. Track and monitor your assets without costly infrastructure. The moveable tags then calculate their own positions based on the signals received from the fixed tags and from other neighboring tags.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand InfinID
Model V-Tag INF-VT100-F6

The InfinID INF-VT100-F6 is also known as INF-VT100-F6 or INFVT100F6 .