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Impinj Speedway xArray RFID Reader
Impinj Speedway xArray RFID Reader
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Impinj Speedway xArray RFID Reader

Provides Wide-Area Monitoring and Tag Direction Capability in a Low Cost Package

The Speedway xArray system provides wide-area monitoring through its beam-forming antenna array, which delivers full power throughout a 40 ft. diameter when ceiling-mounted at 15 feet high. The xArray system can distinguish 52 different antenna beams providing for location assignment within the read zone, and the antennas radiate a linear pattern in both the horizontal and vertical paths in order to read tags in any orientation. The reader itself is optimized to read many thousands of tags very quickly, and to distinguish tags of interest from the rest of the field. The xArray can be configured to handle both wide-area monitoring scenarios and portal applications. Moreover, Impinj has added robust tag direction capability that has been proven accurate even in difficult, real world environments.
Speedway xArray Options
Impinj Speedway xArray (IPJ-REV-R680-USA1M1)
RFID Reader, UHF, Fixed, 4 x Inputs/Outputs, Windows OS, USB/Ethernet, FCC. Cables Sold Separately.
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Impinj Speedway xArray (IPJ-REV-R680-EU11M1)
Fixed UHF RFID Reader, USB/Ethernet, 4 Inputs/Outputs, Windows OS, ETSI
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