ID Tech SmartPIN Payment Terminal

The ID Tech SmartPIN has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

PCI certified modular PIN entry device

The IDTech SmartPIN is a PIN Entry Device designed for outdoor or indoor unattended POS operations where encrypted PIN entry is required. The products can be used for both online and offline PIN verification operations. SmartPIN can be used in POS machines for fuel dispensing, kiosks, vending, and other devices accepting credit and debit payments. SmartPIN is available as a PED only or as a PED with integral backlit LCD display & 3 programmable application/function keys. The SmartPIN design is robust, withstands abusive use, and is vandal resistant. The keys and display are waterproof for splashed, spilled, & direct liquid spray. Along with the molded plastic body with flush mounting stainless steel cover, the keys are either plastic or stainless steel with engraved keys to withstand harsh use & environment. A battery maintains the cryptographic keys during power outages and storage.

The ID Tech SmartPIN is also known as the IDTech SmartPIN

SmartPIN Options
ID Tech SmartPIN (IDPA-70600M)
PIN Entry Device, USB interface. Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.