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Hypercom Payment Terminal

Hypercom products are now sold as Equinox.

Hypercom Corporation is one of the largest global providers of complete electronic payment solutions and value-added services at the point-of-transaction. Hypercom delivers a full suite of high security, end-to-end electronic payment products and services to customers that include large domestic and international financial institutions, electronic payment processors, large retailers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and distributors. Their solutions enable businesses in more than 100 countries to securely expand their revenues and profits.
Hypercom Optimum L4250 Payment Terminal

Hypercom Optimum L4250

The Hypercom Optimum L4250 terminal is the first PCI PED approved multi-lane payment terminal that supply out-of-the-box, plug-and-play secure PIN entry without the need for add-on components. The Optimum L4250 terminal is a high-performance...

Hypercom L5200 Payment Terminal

Hypercom L5200

The Hypercom L5200 payment terminal features a 400 MHz, 32-bit processor for fast transactions and supports streaming or pre-loaded video clips. With its 64MB memory capacity (128MB optional) and a MicroSD memory expansion slot, the L5200 is...

Hypercom L5300 Payment Terminal

Hypercom L5300

The Hypercom L5300 has an 18-bit (256K) color, full VGA (640 x 480 resolution), large LCD display, integrated capacitive glass touch screen, audio and video capabilities, and electronic signature capture. This allows the L5300 to easily support...


Hypercom Parts

Products and parts from Hypercom.

$19.00 to $637.20

Hypercom Optimum L4150 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Equinox Optimum L4150

Hypercom L5000 Series - Discontinued.

Hypercom L5350 - Discontinued.

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