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Honeywell TT8500-MNK4110 Electronic Signature Pad

Honeywell TT8500 - Signature Capture Terminal, USB Interface, Monochrome LCD, Cable and Power
Revolutionary Design and Performance

Honeywell introduces the revolutionary TT8500. This state-of -the-art terminal offers unrivaled power, versatility, and value. POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane, targeted communications are enabled by the TT8500's fast processor and proven development environment. The Honeywell TT8500 features 4 MB of flash memory, a three-track MSR slot and a PoweredUSB port.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Honeywell TT8500-MNK4110 is also known as HHP-TT8500MNK4110 or TT8500MNK4110 .