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Honeywell 6920-5 Credit Card Swiper

Honeywell ScanTeam 6920 - Keyboard wedge interface, reads tracks 1, 2 & 3. Includes PS/2 cable.

Full specifications (PDF)

The ScanTeam 6920 offers a fast, easy, and accurate method of entering data contained on a magnetic stripe into a PC system.
ScanTeam 6920 products are Magnetic Stripe Card Readers (MSRs) which attach to PCs through a Keyboard wedge interface. The magnetic stripe data transmitted by the ScanTeam 6920 to the PC emulates keyboard data input. For many applications, no PC program modification is required to input data from the ScanTeam 6920. The ScanTeam 6920 is a bi-directional card reader, it can read cards swiped in either direction. A beeper and LED indicate a good read or bad read.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Honeywell
Model ScanTeam 6920

The Honeywell 6920-5 is also known as HHP-6920-5 or 69205 .