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Honeywell Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminal

Honeywell Marathon Terminal

Honeywell Marathon

The Honeywell Marathon field computer weighs less than a kilogram, and is powered by an Intel Atom processor that runs full Windows 7 or Windows XP operating systems. It combines multiple built-in data-entry options, including a 7" outdoor-visible...

$1,615.60 to $3,136.90

Honeywell Thor VM2 Terminal

Honeywell Thor VM2

Ideally suitable for warehouse, port and yard process automation, the Thor VM2 introduces an additional form factor option granting greater flexibility which is emphasized by its 9.7" XGA display, programmable multi-function keys, and WLAN and WWAN...

$3,164.00 to $5,541.70

Honeywell Thor CV31 Terminal

Honeywell Thor CV31

The Thor CV31 vehicle-mount terminal combines the latest high performance computing technology into a very compact form factor that minimizes driver line-of-sight obstruction. The CV31 presents your critical workflow information where it is easily...

$2,850.40 to $3,421.40

Honeywell Thor VM3 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM3 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

One of the most capable full-size vehicle mounted mobile computers, Honeywell's Thor VM3 was designed for the toughest distribution center environments, freight operations, and manufacturing facilities. Enabling enterprises to choose the options...

$3,393.20 to $7,193.70

Honeywell Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Built tough for challenging forklift environments, Honeywell's Thor VM1A has numerous breakthrough features designed to maximize productivity, minimize visual obstructions, and reduce or eliminate downtime. Designed with a smart dock feature to...

$2,746.30 to $3,151.80

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Designed for use in the toughest distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and freight operations, Honeywell's Thor VM3A vehicle-mounted computer offers breakthrough features designed to eliminate downtime and maximize capital investment. Built...

$4,244.40 to $4,895.40