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HID FPIXT - Flex Pass Imageable XT Composite PROX Card. Order Requires Facility Code, Format Code, and Range. Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Cards
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HID's FPIXT Imageable Card is ISO 7810 compliant with a nominal thickness of 0.03 inches (0.76 mm), and has the ability to contain multiple ID technologies in a single credential. The card can include a magnetic stripe for use with other systems, such as cafeteria vending, copy machines and fuel dispensing.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand HID
Programming Low Frequency 125 kHz, Standard Programming
Slot Punch No Slot Punch
Front Graphics Standard white glossy finish
Marking Position Position 3/Standard Location (Back Side/Lower Right Corner)
Magnetic Stripe Standard Magstripe (3-track, high coercivity, 4000 oersted)

The HID FPIXTSSSCNB000 is also known as HID-FPIXTSSSCNB000 .