HID DTC4500 Accessories

DTC4500 Accessories
Fargo (47721)
Same-Side Input Hopper, DTC4250e / DTC4500e
Fargo (47720)
DTC4500, DTC4000 dual sided printer upgrade module.
Fargo (47710)
DTC1000 JIS II Magnetic Stripe Encoder Field Upgrade
Fargo (47709)
DTC1000 / DTC4000 / DTC4500 ISO Magnetic Encoder Field Upgrade
Fargo (47702)
HID Prox and Contact Smart Card Encoder (Omnikey Cardman 5125) Field Upgrade
Fargo DTC4000 Accessories (47700)
Contact Smart Card Encoder (requires a 5121 or 5125 to be previously installed) Field Upgrade
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