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HHP TT8870 Signature Capture Pad
HHP TT8870 Signature Capture Pad
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HHP TT8870 Signature Capture Pad

The HHP TT8870 has been renamed to the Honeywell TT8870.

Instant Access to Pricing & Catalog Information

Delivering the power and performance of bulkier kiosks at a fraction of the cost, the TT8870 takes up far less space and comes loaded with standard features typically costing more in other products. With its small footprint, the TT8870 provides a world of information with its touch screen capabilities, making it easier for the customer to perform transactions. The color display promotes eye-catching messages and graphics. Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology, the TT8870 can be used by store employees and consumers to quickly and easily read barcodes, regardless of the barcode's orientation. They also can perform advanced reading of damaged or poorly printed barcodes.

The HHP TT8870 is also known as the Hand Held Products TT8870

TT8870 Options
Honeywell TT8870 (TT8870N)
Standard Image, Touch Screen, Price Checker and Smart card
Honeywell TT8870 (TT8870C)
802.11b Communications