HHP Check Reader Accessories

The HHP Check Reader Accessories has been renamed to the Honeywell Check Reader Accessories.

Accessories for Welch-Allyn MICRs
Check Reader Accessories
Honeywell (MSRCLEAN)
MSR head cleaning cards (pack of 10), for 6901, 6920, 8300, 8310
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Honeywell (42205127-04)
Cable (4 feet, RS-232, DB-9-Pin Female)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Honeywell (42205021-02)
PS/2 cable for the 2010 8300/8310 MICR, (Requires (Part# PS120/9V))
Honeywell Cable (42205021-01E)
AT - PS/2 & Compatibles, EP, wedge (3.0 ft., .91m), straight
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Honeywell (42205021-01)
PS/2 Y-cable, base station to host
Honeywell (PS120/9V/10FT)
Power Suppy for the 8300, 8310 and 8400, 9 Volt, 10 feet
Honeywell (PS120/9V)
Power supply For 2070 And 8300 / 8310, 6Ft Cord
Honeywell (MSRKIT123)
Integrated 3-Track MSR Field Kit for 8300-8400 Check Readers-Scanners
Honeywell (MSRKIT12)
Integrated 2-Track MSR Field Kit for 8300 Check Readers-Scanner
Honeywell (MICRCLEAN)
Check Reader Head Cleaning Card
Honeywell (8310/PC-1)
Programming Checks for communications setup
Honeywell (8300QLKIT-120)
ST-8300 Software Kit, QL-Windows/Dos
Honeywell (8300PM)
Programming Menu
Honeywell (8300/TM)
Technical Manual for ST-8300
Honeywell (8300/PC-2)
Programming Checks for common commands

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