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Heckler POS Touch Terminal

Heckler Design creates simple, minimalist, and visually appealing products which help customers to more enjoyably interact with technology.
Heckler @Rest Tablet Computer

Heckler @Rest

Compatible with Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4, Apple iPad mini, and Google Nexus 7.


Heckler Parts

Products and parts from Heckler.

$16.50 to $1,799.00

Heckler AV Cart

Heckler AV Cart

Modernize your workspace's AV carts with a moving stand that is appealing, space-saving, and future-proof. The Heckler AV Cart is a sleek, nestable movable platform for VESA 400 screens that can be customized to work with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and...

Heckler AV Credenza 4U

Heckler AV Credenza 4U

The Heckler AV Credenza 4U is a beautiful piece of video conferencing furniture. The Heckler AV Credenza transforms your meeting rooms' ADA guiding way. As a result, your camera may protrude up to four inches beyond the front face of the AV...

Heckler AV Credenza Mini

Heckler AV Credenza Mini

The Heckler AV Credenza Mini is a stylish huddle room storage solution for video meeting equipment. Today, every meeting venue, even tiny ones, need a high-definition video conferencing equipment. It can be difficult to mass-deploy current video...

Heckler AV Wall

Heckler AV Wall

With Heckler AV Wall, you can mass-deploy best-in-class video meeting places with your chosen devices and no need for electricians or wall reinforcement. The Heckler AV Wall Structure is designed to transmit your equipment's weight to the floor...

Heckler HighSign - Discontinued.

Heckler Windfall C - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall by Heckler Design - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall mini - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Stand - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Stand Portrait - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Frame - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Cash Drawer - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Box Set - Discontinued.

Heckler WindFall Kiosk - Discontinued.

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