Hand Held ScanTeam 5770 Accessories

Electrical and data cables, various mounting sets, a scanner holster and a product instruction menu.
ScanTeam 5770 Accessories
Hand Held Cable (42205910-04E)
RS-232, EP Connector: 9 PIN D F Length: 4.2 ft. (1.3m), straight. Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable.
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Hand Held (42205910-04)
Cable, RS-232, True Output, 9-pin D Female, for the 2070-XX
Wall Mount Kit (Standard)
Wall Mount Kit (Industrial)
Hand Held (CLESS/UC6/S)
6-Bay Charge Strip. Requires Local PC - IEC 320, Power cord
Hand Held (CLESS/NIMH/S)
NiMH charge pack - recharges by plugging into 110V outlet
Hand Held (CLESS/BH)
Belt Holster For 3870, 4800I, 5770 Cordless Scanners
Hand Held (42206045-01)
3153 to 2070 Cable
Hand Held (42205904-01)
DEC VT Interface Cable For 2070
Hand Held (42205891-01)
Wand EM cable, Aux Port to DB-9 Squeeze, for the 2070
Hand Held (42205033-01)
TeleVideo 955 cable for 2070/8300
Hand Held (2070-1A)
SCANTEAM 2070 Cordless Base Station (US-Cananda - Holds up to 9 Scanners) for the 3870 and 5770 Scanners
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