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Hand Held 2000/C-1 Barcode Decoder

Hand Held ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1 - Commercial Barcode Decoder Wedge, Multi-Interface, Multi-Port
Handle a wide range of data entry chores in manufacturing, office, and retail/POS applications.

The ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1 is a compact, rugged Keyboard wedge that transmits decoded barcode, magnetic stripe, and MICR data to a variety of terminals, and PCs by emulating keyboard/terminal communications. This product supports the full range of Hand-Held brand contact and non-contact barcode scanners, as well as magnetic stripe, and MICR readers. The ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1 can be interfaced with a variety of PCs and terminals, and a bi-directional auxiliary port allows integration of RS-232 devices such as scales, gauges, portable data collection terminals, and printers.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Hand Held 2000/C-1 is also known as HandHeld HHP-2000/C-1 or 2000C1 .