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Grabba Scanner and Mobile Handheld Computer

Grabba is the world leading manufacturer of attachments for consumer Smartphones that make it possible to access and work with data available in symbols, tokens, forms of proof of identity and evidence of bundles of rights.

Grabba S-Series Scanner

Grabba S-Series

The Grabba S-Series devices allow you to add one or many data capture technologies in one compact device. The S-Series supports all devices on the Android platform.

$473.10 to $1,088.50

Grabba Q-Series Scanner

Grabba Q-Series

The Grabba Q-Series devices are slender and light-wight, specially designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. It allows full mobility in data capture for barcodes, magnetic stripe cards and RFID tags.

$473.10 to $1,088.50

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