Glacier Vehicle & Fixed Mount Computers, Rugged Tablets and Rugged Mobile Computer

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Glacier Computer is a manufacturer and distributor of rugged industrial computers. They design, market and support industrial computer systems for environments that require durability and ease of use. The Industrial Systems, Mobile Systems, and solutions for Public Safety conform to industry standards and are engineered to operate 24/7 in any condition.

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Glacier E2000 Terminal

Glacier E2000

The Glacier-Computer E2000 is engineered to withstand extremes of vibration, shock, and moisture while providing users ready access to critical information. Whether on a forklift, manufacturing floor, or distribution center dock door, the E2000...

Glacier E4000 Terminal

Glacier E4000

The Glacier-Computer E4000 was designed for forklift and fixed-mount applications where shock, vibration, extremes of temperature and airborne contaminants are the norm. Boasting three display sizes and wireless connectivity, the E4000 can be...

Glacier S9000 Terminal

Glacier S9000

The Glacier-Computer S9000 stainless steel fixed terminal is the perfect choice when you need to meet tough hygienic and/or clean room requirements. A stainless steel housing, flush mount touch panel, IP65/NEMA 4 sealed rating and both 12" and 15"...

Glacier E5000 Terminal

Glacier E5000

Warehouse personnel are not the easiest on equipment, but your data collection needs are 24/7, 365 days per year. The Glacier-Computer Everest E5000 computers have been tested in the most extreme conditions imaginable. With a sealed enclosure, you...

Glacier T508 Tablet Computer

Glacier T508

The Glacier-Computer T508 is the perfect 8 inch tablet for your toughest jobs in the field. Small, light-weight and rugged, the T508 tablet is designed with an ultra low power consumption and dual hot swappable batteries, providing up to 8 hours of...

Glacier T510H Tablet Computer

Glacier T510H

The Glacier-Computer T510H is an ultra slim, light weight tablet designed for the unique and demanding requirements of health care professionals. Patient point of care is error free with a large 10.4" display, 2D barcode scanner, and front & back...

Glacier T510K Tablet Computer

Glacier T510K

The Glacier-Computer T510K portable tablet gives you the power of desktop computing in a slim, rugged design with a large 10 inch display and 23 key Keypad. On-the-go data collection is easy with 2D barcode imaging, camera, and RFID. Staying...

Glacier M3 Series Mobile Computer

Glacier M3 Series

The Glacier-Computer M3 Series utilize a revolutionary board-level ruggedization technique, providing an ultra slim, ultra durable form factor for fatigue free all day use. Please call one of our sales representatives to help with your specific...


Glacier Keyboards

Glacier Keyboards

All Glacier-Computer Keyboards are sealed against the elements and feature rugged locking options for the ultimate in security. We offer several Keyboards styles and layouts to accommodate a variety of applications and input alternatives....

Glacier Computer Mounting Equipment

Glacier Computer Mounting Equipment

Glacier-Computer offers a wide range of custom engineered and off-the-shelf Computer Mounting Equipment to meet your specific applications. Whether on a forklift, construction vehicle, cart, dock door, police car, or shop floor, Glacier-Computer has...

Glacier Computer Software

Connecting your mobile workforce isn"t a challenge with Glacier-Computer"s rugged mobile solutions. Glacier-Computer offers several software solutions to quickly enable your mobile workforce to get the job done, both inside and outside the four...

$114.40 to $286.10

Glacier T708 Tablet Computer

Glacier T708

Built rugged from the inside out, the T708 is the perfect mobile solution for repair service, construction, utility, waste management, and other field technology personnel. The T708 rugged tablet is designed for a rugged environment with compact...

Glacier T710 Tablet Computer

Glacier T710

The T710 is part of the family of rugged tablet computers offered by Glacier Computer. These mobile computers are built to MIL standards for sealing, vibration and drop specs. The 10.4" touch-screen display comes with many configurable options or...

Glacier Fusion 7 Tablet Computer

Glacier Fusion 7

The Glacier Computer Fusion 7 is a Rugged Android (4.2) Tablet built for companies needing to extend the life of their data collection computers and benefit from a superior ROI from their IT assets. Like all Glacier Computer rugged computers, the...

Glacier T707 Tablet Computer

Glacier T707

The T707 combines the functionality of a desktop, the portability of a tablet and the convenience of a handheld in a rugged industrial form factor. Each system is certified to MIL-STD 810G/F for sealing, vibration and drop specifications. The T707...

Glacier Q100 - Discontinued.

Glacier T507K - Discontinued.

Glacier T510F - Discontinued.