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Barcode Generator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this barcode generator make scannable barcodes?

Yes, the generator makes perfectly scannable barcodes as long as you do not modify the size of the output image. Re-sizing can affect the individual line widths which could make the barcode unreadable.

Can I make multiple barcodes?

Yes, you can make as many barcodes with any values you need. However, you will have to manually enter each number and generate each barcode one at a time. For printing a larger volume of barcodes, dedicated label software will give you the ability to print sequentially and even print from a data file for automated print runs. Software will also remember where you left off the last time you printed!

Can I use the barcode image in other software?

Yes, it is a standard .png file which can be brought into other applications. Please keep in mind though that you will not want to resize or modify the image in any way as this can make the barcode unreadable.

What's the best use of this barcode generator?

This barcode generator is best for applications where you need only a handful of barcodes to print. If you need to do more extensive asset tracking or inventory management for your business, dedicated barcode label software will be much more efficient and flexible for your needs.

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