GE Security 104 Series Heat Detector

Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector

The 104 Series Heat Detector offers rate-of-rise/fixed temperature and fixed temperature only features for high performance and reliability. The rate-of-rise feature detects intense fires by quickly responding to rapid temperature increases. The fixed temperature feature reacts to fires when a specific temperature is reached. These high quality heat detectors feature the ultimate in design and decor. The low silhouette and white finish blend with most ceiling designs to make the detector unobtrusive. Materials for the 104 Series Heat Detector are carefully selected for strength, corrosion, resistance and integrity at points of hermetic sealing. The detectors require normal periodic testing and no field maintenance. Rate-of-rise operation may be tested by applying heat from a convenient heat source such as a portable heat dryer.
104 Series Heat Detector Options
Interlogix 104 Series Heat Detector (104-15)
Heat Detector (135F, 57C Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, Single Circuit)
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Interlogix 104 Series Heat Detector (104-13)
Heat Detector (135F, 57C Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector, Single Circuit)