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GammaTech Rugged Laptop Computer

GammaTech Computer Corp. is a major manufacturer of portable notebook computers. Over the past 21 years, GammaTech has positioned itself as one of the largest suppliers of innovative notebook computers in the world. GammaTech is the first manufacturer to bring ruggedized notebooks to the mass consumer market. GammaTech Computer Corp.'s mission is to continuously strive for technological advancement, product quality and customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and Mainland China. Because of our worldwide presence, GammaTech is capable of responding to the needs of portable computer users worldwide. GammaTech listens closely to the market and develops products that are in demand. GammaTech is proud to deliver the highest quality products available at the most competitive pricing possible.

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GammaTech Durabook SA14 Rugged Laptop Computer

GammaTech Durabook SA14

The durable SA14, designed to meet the needs of companies in a wide variety of industries, offers a choice of powerful Intel Core processors, long battery life of up to 11 hours, and assorted wireless connectivity for use away from an office...

$1,699.00 to $2,699.00

GammaTech Parts

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GammaTech Durabook R8300 Rugged Laptop Computer

GammaTech Durabook R8300

The DURABOOK R8300 is designed to withstand extremely harsh environments, the R8300 notebook meets a host of rugged certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461F, IP65, and more. This fully rugged powerhouse is equipped with Intel"s i-core...

$3,349.00 to $4,058.00

GammaTech Durabook S15H

GammaTech Durabook S15H

The S15H rugged notebook comes equipped with the computing power and performance needed by the most demanding user and is designed with rugged features to protect the system from damage in the toughest working environments. The S15H is encased in...

GammaTech Durabook R11 Tablet Computer

GammaTech Durabook R11

The GammaTech DURABOOK R11 rugged tablet PC features an 11.6" TFT LCD capacitive touch display and a powerful 4th generation Intel Haswell Core processor for workers in the utility, public safety and government markets. It is the lightest 11.6"...

$1,899.00 to $2,899.00

GammaTech Durabook P24 Terminal

GammaTech Durabook P24

The P24 Series of all-in-one computers is an ideal match for applications in the business/enterprise world, hospitality environment, and in hospitals, clinics, or doctor offices. Featuring a 24" full high-definition display, the thin-style P24...

$2,299.00 to $3,175.00

GammaTech Durabook S15AB Rugged Laptop Computer

GammaTech Durabook S15AB

The S15AB rugged notebook combines the computing power and performance you need, with the rugged features you expect from a Durabook to protect the system and ensure reliability in the field. The unit features a generous 15.6" LCD display with full...


GammaTech D13RL - Discontinued.

GammaTech D14E Series - Discontinued.

GammaTech D14E0 - Discontinued.

GammaTech D14E1 - Discontinued.

GammaTech D14E2 - Discontinued.

GammaTech D14RM - Discontinued. Replaced by the GammaTech Durabook SA14

GammaTech Durabook U12C - Discontinued. Replaced by the GammaTech Durabook U12Ci

GammaTech Durabook S15C - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook S15C2 - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook T10L - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook RT10: RT10C - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook RS10A - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook R13S - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook T7Q - Discontinued.

GammaTech R13C - Discontinued. Replaced by the GammaTech Durabook R8300

GammaTech Durabook CA10 - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook TA10 - Discontinued.

GammaTech Durabook U12Ci - Discontinued.

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