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Fujitsu 9900 Series Scanner
Fujitsu 9900 Series Scanner
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Fujitsu 9900 Series Scanner

The Fujitsu 9900 Series has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Model 9900 Series Scanner & Scale product is the third generation high performance integrated multi-optic scanner that supports an optional weight scale module.

The 9900 Series is designed to fit into the same size checkout counter hole required by most popular high performance scanners, which means counter modification is often unnecessary. The cash drawer and keyboard may both be located in front of the cashier to allow the cashier to maintain eye contact with the customer, and to minimize twisting and turning. Cashiers can even work comfortably when seated.
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9900 Series Options
Fujitsu 9900 (DS990002)
Series Scanner/Scale Kit. Includes RS-232 cables, sapphire glass, power supply & remote weight display.
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