Evolis eMedia ID Card Software

Encode magnetic strips, process smart cards and produce an extensive range of barcodes.

eMedia is the perfect tool for graphic, magnetic, and electronic personalization of plastic cards on PCs. eMedia facilitates the creation and printing of all your cards: company badges, business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards etc, and gives you the possibility to build a source of different card layouts instantly. eMedia also has a Pro version for connections to databases (MS-ACCESS, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, ODBC) and access to a number of advanced functions. For advanced MIFARE card management (contactless cards), you can get an Expert version of eMedia, available from Mediasoft. For more information, contact Mediasoft or your nearest Evolis reseller.
eMedia Options
Evolis eMedia (L8001)
Pro Card Designer software with Databases connection. Compatible with all Evolis printers.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Evolis eMedia Card Designer (L8002)
EMedia Standard Card Designer software. Compatible with all Evolis printers.