EverFocus VKB 300 Keyboard

The EverFocus VKB 300 Keyboard has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The EverFocus VKB 300 Keyboard features 3 axis speed dome controller keyboard with various preset functions

The EverFocus VKB 300 Keyboard keyboard can control the VPTZ high-speed series dome, VKB-ERD series decoder and VT-DMZ built-in decoder regular-speed dome. It is packed with various preset functions. Its other notable features include words and picture input mode, preset points, auto-cruise, dome vari-speed and alarm linkages, display for the operating status of the main frame of matrix, keyboard and dome, multigrade control and Remote-control of network series, alarm and message alarms
VKB 300 Keyboard Options
EverFocus VKB 300 Keyboard (VKB300)
3 Axis Speed Dome Controller Keyboard