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Barcodes, Inc. is your trusted partner for ensuring you have everything you need to be EMV-compliant.

EMV solutions are our expertise. Customer service is our passion.

The experts at Barcodes, Inc. can help.
Our trained specialists can help you with large or small solutions and equipment to ensure your business is protected and compliant prior to the October 2015 liability-shift deadline.
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Major merchants are adopting now. Protect your business before the October deadline.


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  • Device procurement
  • Device inspection, including QA test, contents confirmation, and registration
  • Kitting - all device pieces of each bundle packaged into one box
  • Facilitate rollout and tracking of devices to any location
  • Shipping from Barcodes, Inc. to any location (Initial shipment only)
  • Technical help desk supports your IT
  • Device spare pool management
  • Overnight replacement of lost, stolen, and inoperable devices
  • Pre-labeled return of existing devices
  • Existing device triage, inspection, and restore with return to inventory
  • Repair/Replacement of non-working devices
  • Asset redeployment
  • Recycling of replaced devices
  • Comprehensive reporting