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Elo E898449

Elo Service Contracts - Warranty/Support - 5 Year Extended Warranty - Warranty - Service Depot - Maintenance - Parts & Labor - Physical Service
  • Parts Replacement service included to resolve your problems
  • Service depot offers fast, reliable and cost-effective response
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Service Information
Service Main Type:
Service Sub Type:
Service Characteristic:
Parts & Labor
Provided Support:
  • Parts Replacement
  • Repair
Service Response Time:
14 Day - Repair
Service Location:
Service Depot
Service Duration:
5 Year
Product Supported:
Elo 0700L, 0700L Non-Touch, 0702L, 1002L, 1002L Non-touch, 1002L Projected Capacitive, 1093L, 1291L, 1302L, 1502L, 1515L, 1515L IntelliTouch, 1515L Projected Capacitive, 1517L, 1517L iTouch Zero-Bezel, 1517L Rev B, 1523L, 1590L, 1593L, 1598L, 1715L, 1715L AccuTouch, 1715L Projected Capacitive, 1717L, 1723L, 1790L, 1902L, 1903LM, 1915L, 1915L IntelliTouch, 1990L, 1991L, 2002L, 2094L, 2201L, 2203LM, 2295L, 2402L, 2403LM, 2494L, 2495L, 2702L, 2703LM, 2794L, 2796L|Elo Desktop Touchmonitors 1002L, 1515L AccuTouch, 1517L AccuTouch, 1517L AccuTouch Zero-Bezel, 1517L IntelliTouch, 1523L iTouch Plus, 1715L IntelliTouch, 1717L AccuTouch, 1717L AccuTouch Zero-Bezel, 1717L IntelliTouch, 1717L iTouch Zero-Bezel, 1723L, 1723L iTouch Plus, 1915L AccuTouch, 2201L, 2201L IntelliTouch Plus, 2201L iTouch, 2201L Projected Capacitive|Elo Open-Frame Touchmonitors 1590L, 1790L, 1990L, 1991L, 2293L, 2294L, 2794L|Elo Touchmonitors 0700L AccuTouch
Pricing Type:
Must be purchased within 2 years of the product purchase
Item Numbers
UNSPSC: 81111805

The Elo E898449 is also known as Elo Touch Systems ELO-E898449 .