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Elo E613544 Touchscreen

Elo 1519LM - 15-Inch Medical Desktop Touchmonitor (IntelliTouch Touch Technology, Dual Serial/USB Interface, Anti-glare Surface Treatment) - Color: White
15-Inch Desktop Touchscreen for Medical and Health care Settings

The ELO 1519LM 15" touchmonitor is an effective solution for integrating into health care applications such as nursing stations, computer-aided therapy, electronic medical record keeping, paperless charting, patient self check-in / registration or point-of-information installations, as well as non-medical applications that benefit from DVI-D input, speakers and a pristine image display. The fully featured 1519LM touchmonitor offers best-in-class optical performance mated to leading touch technologies -IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave and AccuTouch five-wire resistive -in addition to a combination USB and serial touch controller, DVI, VGA and built-in speakers. The monitor is available in white, touch and non-touch enabled versions.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Elo E613544 is also known as Elo Touch Systems ELO-E613544 .