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Elo E531206 Touchscreen

Elo 22C2 - All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer (IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology, No O/S, Worldwide) - Color: Dark gray
Provides a never before seen HD interactivity POI solution

The ELO C2 Cool and Quiet All-in-One fanless touchcomputer platform offers big, bright displays in a wide-aspect ratio. This makes the C2 Cool and Quiet an excellent choice for retail point-of-information, countertop product demonstration or customer information systems. In addition, hospitality host and seating systems that depend on an accurate display of restaurant layouts can utilize the wide screen of the C2 Cool and Quiet and the additional screen space available to display their seating/floorspace. The C2 Cool and Quiet is engineered for flexibility, with optional memory and storage configurations, as well as scalable computing power featuring a fanless Intel Atom Dual-Core 1.66 GHz high-performance processor.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Elo E531206 is also known as Elo Touch Systems ELO-E531206 .