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Elo D68054-000 Touchscreen

Elo IntelliTouch 2701 Series - Serial/USB, RS-232 controller, Minimum order quantity 5

Full specifications (PDF)

The Elo IntelliTouch 2701 Series Controller (single touch) is designed to work specifically with IntelliTouch SAW touchscreens. Building technology with coordinating components enables a much smoother design and user experience. The IntelliTouch 2701 Series Controller (single touch) is a single touch unit that works through serial interface or via USB. It is a full-speed, self-powered, USB device. By default, the controller communicates over a RS-232 serial link. If, however, a USB cable is connected, the controller switches to an exclusively USB communicating mode. The IntelliTouch 2701 Series Controller (single touch) maintains a no-touch reference signal. This reference signal is continuously updated to adapt to electronic drift and effects of contamination such as dirt and scratches. The live signal is compared to the reference signal to detect touches. SAW touchscreen technology delivers superior image clarity, reliability, chemical resistance and EMI/EDS immunity. It is ideal for high definition, eye-popping displays - like those seen in gaming "" due to its great resolution and light transmission through its clear glass screen. The stable, drift-free operation of SAW touchscreen technology provides an accurate touch response measured on three axes using a finger, gloved hand, or passive stylus.
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Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Elo
Model IntelliTouch 2701 Series

The Elo D68054-000 is also known as Elo Touch Systems D68054-000 or D68054000 .