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Electronics Line ETM-120 Embedded Surveillance DVR

The Electronics Line ETM-120 Embedded has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

120 frames/second with networking and a remote

The Electronics Line ETM-120 Embedded provides professional functionality and reliability at an economical price. The ETM-120 Embedded runs at 120 frames/second with 4, 9 or 16 recording channels with looping, plus features networking and a remote control. The ETM-120 Embedded converts analog NTSC and PAL video to digital images and records them on a hard disk drive, eliminating the need for constant tape rotations and replacement. The ETM-120 Embedded offers access from any internet-enabled computer to review video from anywhere in the world. The ETM-120 Embedded also features high resolution digital storage and transmission, Full time, Scheduled, Event and Motion recoding modes. Models include 4, 9, & 16 channel versions all offering 60 FPS record capability and 1 channel of audio. This DVR is a complete system with integration of multiple (up to 99) DVRs connected and controlling PTZ, zoom and PIT cameras (up to 255) all from remote joystick controllers.
ETM-120 Embedded Options
Electronics Line ETM-120 Embedded (ETM-120-04/400)
4 Channel with Looping, 400GB and Networkable
Electronics Line ETM-120 Embedded (ETM-120-04/120)
4 Channel, 120 GB and Networkable