Electronics Line Atlas 1650 Motion Detector

The Electronics Line Atlas 1650 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Passive infrared with microwave detection

The Electronics Line Atlas 1650 dual technology passive infrared/microwave detector is ideal for protecting troublesome areas. Providing superior detection innovations, the Atlas 1650 is protected from back radiation due to its technologically-advanced stripling antenna, providing trouble-free 16M (53 Ft) coverage. The Atlas 1650 features a look-down zone and microprocessor-employed software filters. The Atlas 1650 is also available with a microphone for listen-in applications and has been designed to meet the most stringent international standards.
Atlas 1650 Options
Electronics Line Atlas 1650 (ATLAS 1650)
50 ft. range, Microcontroller Based, Dual Technology Motion Detection, DRO patch antenna with low back radiation, Three LED alarm indication, Look-down lens, Microphone for listen-in applications