DTG DTG-IP-DP-2XP-S0 Mobile Cart

Decrease motion waste and increase productivity by mobilizing powered equipment directly to the point of task. DTG D500X Industrial Display Workstation - An 18"W Adj. Ht Ruggedized Mobile Display Workstation providing 500Wh LFP capacity & higher wattage output for large industrial thermal printers. Includes Dual 250Wh LFP Hot Swappable Batteries, Monitor Bridge, Sliding Keyboard Tray, Mouse Tray, Lockable Sliding Bottom Shelf to Accommodate an Industrial Printer, Arrives Assembled, Customizable, 5-year Warranty.
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DTG D500X Industrial Display Workstation Mobile Cart Model Overview
The D500X is a 500WH LFP solution designed to support the higher power spikes of large industrial thermal printers. Powers PC with monitor, industrial printer, and barcode scanner, this ergonomically-designed industrial workstation is the ideal solution for shipping and receiving applications within the warehouse. With 8+ hours of continuous battery power, this workstation utilizes DTG's proprietary mPower Uninterruptible Battery System, a true hot-swappable system enabling a seamless battery swap for 24/7 uptime. To charge, simply plug the system into a standard wall outlet from the workstation, or utilize additional batteries with DTG's three-bay wall charger (optional accessory).
Product Information
Micro PC, Monitor, Industrial Label Printer, Barcode Scanner
18” Width x 25” Depth (Height-Adjustable: Max 41” Min 31.5”)
45” Height x 26” Length x 18” Width
Printer Shelf:
18.5” Length x 17.5” Width, Slides-out
2 Hot-Swappable Batteries, 500Wh Capacity, LFP Chemistry
Detailed Specs
Problem Solver D500

Recommended Accessories for Model: DTG D500X Industrial Display Workstation Mobile Cart


  • Batteries (1)
  • Docks and Cradles (1)
  • Mounting Hardware and Stands (2)

Recommended Accessories for Model: DTG DTG-IP-DP-2XP-S0 Mobile Cart


DTG DTG-P1-NA-1XP-S0 Battery
Batteries, DTG, 250Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) swappable battery recharges in 2-3 hours. Problem Solver PowerStations can support up to two batteries at a time, offering 500 watt hours of power capacity. Includes industry leading 5 year warranty. Compatible with all DTG workstations.
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Docks and Cradles

DTG DTG-P1-NA-3XP-S0 Accessory
Docks & Cradles, DTG, 3 bay charger wall mountable charger meets ADA 4 in requirements; charges batteries in 2-3 hours. Used in uninterruptible 100% uptime applications. Batteries sold separately. Includes a 5 year warranty. Compatible with all DTG workstations.
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Mounting Hardware and Stands

DTG DTG-IA-NA-0NN-SC1 Accessory
Mounting Hardware & Stands, DTG, Cart Dual Monitor Adapter Kit enables two displays to be mounted to any DTG workstation.
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DTG DTG-IA-NA-NNA-00 Accessory
Mounting Hardware & Stands, DTG, This side shelf is designed to support a small label printer. Compatible with all DTG workstations.
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The DTG DTG-IP-DP-2XP-S0 Mobile Cart is also known as DTG-DTGIPDP2XPS0