The DIGIOP DVR's has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Security DVR's from DIGIOP
DVR's Options
DIGIOP S4804U1500A (S4804U1500A)
Rack Mount DVR: 1.5TB, 16-Channel Video/Audio DVD-RW
DIGIOP S2404U1000A (S2404U1000A)
4U Rack Mount DVR, 1TB, 16-Channel Video/Audio DVD-RW
DIGIOP S2402U750A (S2402U750A)
2U Rack Mount DVR, 750GB, 16 Channel Video/Audio DVD-RW
DIGIOP S12081D0320DX (S12081D0320DX)
S Class DVR, 8Channel, 320GB HD, 120 ips DVR-R DIGIOP2 DVR
DIGIOP S06081D0160DX (S06081D0160DX)
S Class DVR, 8Channel, 160GB, 60 ips, DVD-R, DIGIOP2 DVR
DIGIOP S0608010500DC (S0608010500DC)
S Class DVR, 8Channel, 60 ips, 500GB HD ICH Audio DVD-RW, Desktop
DIGIOP H4816160500T (H4816160500T)
H Class DVR 16Channel, 500GB HD Tower 16Channel, Audio DVD-RW Dell
DIGIOP H24088R0640TX (H24088R0640TX)
H Class DVR, 240 ips, 8Channel Video, 8Channel Audio, 640GB DVD-RW TX 2CIF
DIGIOP E120D500A8 (E120D500A8)
Embedded DVR, 8-Channel, 120 ips, 500GB, 4-Channel Audio and CD-RW
DIGIOP E120D250A16 (E120D250A16)
Embedded DVR, 16-Channel, 120 ips, 250GB, 4-Channel Audio and CD-RW