Dialogic 881-775-30 Data Networking

Dialogic JCT Media Boards - D4PCIUFW, 4-port Analog, Loop-Start, PCI
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Dialogic JCT Media Boards Data Networking Model Overview
Dialogic JCT Media Boards can be used by developers to provide small and medium-sized enterprise Computer Telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance, cost-aggressive voice and fax processing, but do not require the large-scale system sophistication of SCbus- or CT Bus-based products. The boards use the same Application Programming Interface (API) as their predecessor (Dialogic D/4PCI Media Board), making it easy to scale existing applications to take advantage of their power and features in a single PCI or PCI Express slot. The JCT Media Boards have improved voice quality and Automatic Gain Control (AGC), so even a weak telephone signal can be recorded and replayed with complete clarity.
JCT Media Boards
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The Dialogic 881-775-30 Data Networking is also known as ITL-881775