Dialogic DM/V2400A Combined Media Board

The Dialogic DM/V2400A Combined Media Board has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Dialogic DM/V2400A combined media board provides up to 240 ports of rich voice processing features such as speech pre-processing for speech applications, conferencing, tone signaling, global tone detection and generation, and call progress analysis. The DM/V2400A is available in either an H.100 (PCI) or H.110 (CompactPCI) compliant universal PCI form factor. The onboard conferencing solution offers an advanced feature set, including bridging, also known as cascade conferencing. Also available on select media loads is enhanced echo cancellation (EEC) which offers the ability to select longer echo cancellation tail lengths of 32 ms and 64 ms beyond the normal 16 ms to further improve and refine audio quality.
DM/V2400A Combined Media Board Options
Dialogic DM/V2400A Combined Media Board (881-783-33)
DMV2400APCIW - 240-port resource only, PCI
Dialogic DM/V2400A Combined Media Board (880-755-30)
DMV2400ACPCIW - 240-port resource only, cPCI