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Denso QS20P Scanner

Compact, pen-type 2D code scanner to deliver precise reading of miniscule QR code.

The Denso QS20P is a very compact & light weight, 2D code scanner. It only weighs 70g and is designed for maximum comfort for extended use. Able to read minimum 0.1 mm, which means readable of a few mm square QR Code.

The Denso QS20P is also known as the Denso Wave QS20P

QS20P Options
Denso QS20P-A11 (QS20P-A11)
2D code scanner, Serial, includes AC Adapter.
Denso QS20H-I-U (QS20H-I-U)
.25 mm 2D code/.15 mm Barcode, USB
Denso QS20H-I-R (QS20H-I-R)
.25 mm 2D code/.15 mm Barcode, Serial
Denso QS20H-HD-R (QS20H-HD-R)
.167 mm 2D code/.125 mm Barcode, Serial
Denso QS20P-A11 (496800-032X)
Hi-density, pen type scanner, 2D CCD, RS-232 interface, AC adapter
Denso QS20H (496800-020X)
2D scanner kit, RS-232 interface, AC cable, users manual.
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