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Denso BHT-504BW Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-504BW - Terminal, 16MB, Serial, 802.11b/g
A highly functional and compact model fitted with a 2.0-inch color LCD and a range of scanning functions.

The Denso BHT-500B Series features improved scanning of narrow (low height) barcodes, batch scanning of 2-row barcodes, and improved scanning for faded or dirty barcodes. The BHT-500B Series comes equipped with a color LCD display with a dimension of 240 x 320 dots (QVGA). The BHT-500B Series is made to withstand a 1.5 meter drop onto a concrete surface and also received a IEC international IP54 rating for it's resistance to water and dust.

Brand Denso
Model BHT-500B Series
Style Phone-size

The Denso BHT-504BW is also known as Denso Wave BHT-504BW or BHT504BW .