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Denso 496300-334X Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-8048D - Handheld 1D batch terminal, Serial and Infrared interfaces, numeric keypad - 26keys, distance type, 32bit RISC processor, 512KB RAM 8MB ROM, Dot-matrix liquid crystal display, Advanced CCD Scanning, hand strap, Operators Guide, Color: Dark Blue
Compact model featuring high portability & operability.

The Denso BHT-8000 Series is equipped with an advanced scanning system, which can read even wide, high density, low-PCS labels smoothly. Large liquid crystal display provides enhanced visibility and adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior operability. With flash rom of 4 MB or 8MB, data can be backed up reliably and quickly. In addition to LED and beeping functions, the unit is equipped with a vibration for confirmation of a successful operation.

Brand Denso
Model BHT-8000 Series

The Denso 496300-334X is also known as Denso Wave 496300-334X or 496300334X .