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Denso Barcode Scanner and Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso is a leading manufacturer of automatic data capture equipment including 1D and 2D barcode readers. Their excellent quality and advanced technology will contribute to improving your business efficiency.
Denso QK30

Denso QK30

Denso's QK30 provides accurate scanning of all 2D codes enabling a wide range of applications, from connection to point-of-sale terminals to incorporation in multi-media terminals and entrance gates. The QK30 can contributes to effectively...

Denso AT27Q-SB Barcode Scanner

Denso AT27Q-SB

The AT27Q Series of compact, lightweight scanners offers high-speed scanning, user-friendly operation and high durability, yet an affordable price. Advanced Scan PlusTM technology gives the AT27Q Series twice the scanning speed of previous models,...

Denso BHT-800B Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-800B

The BHT-800B comes equipped with advanced performance features like flash memory, drop resistance and protection rating (IP54) to ensure a long usage life. Also features a color LCD screen size of 2.6" (240x320 dots). Data transfers are simplified...


Denso GT-10Q Series Barcode Scanner

Denso GT-10Q Series

Durable model withstands 2m drops and meets dust/waterproof standard IP54. Magic key scanning illumination control function. Operates remotely from a host computer. Reading confirmation via vibration, buzzer and bright LEDs. Utility software for...


Denso BHT-300B Series Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-300B Series

The Denso BHT-300B Series utilizes industry-leading performance and advanced scan (CCD) while incorporating touch reading and distance reading of up to 450 mm (when narrow bar width is 1.2 mm). This series is also capable of surviving a drop from...

Denso BHT-600Q Series Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-600Q Series

The Denso BHT-600Q Series is equipped with a wide range of scanning functions including point scan mode, linked QR code batch scanning mode and multi-row barcode scanning mode. The BHT-600Q Series make is easy scan poorly printed 2-dimensional codes...

Denso BHT-700 Series Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-700 Series

The Denso BHT-700 Series features new technology software for improved reading of high density (narrow bars/spaces), poorly printed (coarse printing) barcode. A scanning increased depth of field with snappy scanning response improves operator...

Denso HC56 Series Barcode Scanner

Denso HC56 Series

The Denso HC56 Series features advanced CCD technology to deliver reliable scanning inside a compact but rugged body. It is rated best-in-class 1.5m drop shock durability. Come with a wider reading window for scanning with ease and also touch...

Denso QS20P Barcode Scanner

Denso QS20P

The Denso QS20P is a very compact & light weight, 2D code scanner. It only weighs 70g and is designed for maximum comfort for extended use. Able to read minimum 0.1 mm, which means readable of a few mm square QR Code.

Denso Parts

Products and parts from Denso.

$21.40 to $3,095.00

Denso BHT-1300B Mobile Handheld Computer

Denso BHT-1300B

The Denso BHT-1300B series makes 1D barcode data collection a breeze for any application with options for a Windows Embedded Compact 7 or BHT-BASIC OS. Its rugged yet ergonomic design ensures users enjoy working with the mobile device with minimal...

Denso BHT-1300Q

Denso BHT-1300Q

The Denso BHT-1300Q series makes 2D barcode data collection a breeze for any application with options for a Windows Embedded Compact 7 or BHT-BASIC OS. Its rugged yet ergonomic design ensures users enjoy working with the mobile device with minimal...

Denso GT20 Barcode Scanner

Denso GT20 Barcode Scanner

Denso GT20 barcode scanner has a high durability to withstand any strong impact. IP code rating of IP65 achieved and can be used under severe conditions. LCD screen reading, poorly printed label reading, with point scan mode.


Denso GT-10B Series - Discontinued.

Denso GT-15Q - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-200BW-CE Series - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-300Q Series - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-400 Series - Discontinued.

Denso AT10Q - Discontinued.

Denso AT20B - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-103Q - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-200QW-CE - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-500B Series - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-8000 Series - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-900 Series - Discontinued.

Denso BHT-1100 - Discontinued.

Denso HC36II Series - Discontinued.

Denso QB20 - Discontinued.

Denso QD20 - Discontinued.

Denso QK11 - Discontinued.

Denso QK12 - Discontinued.

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