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Dell - Computer Speakers, Dell, Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M, Sound Bar, for Monitor, USB, 5 Watt, Black, for E1914, E1916, E2014, E2016, E2214, E2214, E2216, E2218, E2219, E2316, E2318, E2414, E2417, E2418, P1917, P2016, P2017, P2018, P2214, P2217, P2219, P2317, P2319, P2416, P2417, P2418, P2419, P2715, P2717, P2719, S2719, U2417, U2419, U2515, U2719, U2917, U3219, UP2516, UP2716, UP2718 UP3017 UP3216
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Brand Dell
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The Dell DELL-SB-AE515M is also known as DELL-SB-AE515M or DELLSBAE515M .