Datamax-O'Neil LP3 Accessories

Spare batteries, chargers and cables.
LP3 Accessories
O'Neil (550039-000)
Replacement Battery, 7.2V, 2200 mAh, Lithium Ion
Datamax-O'Neil (220244-000)
Shoulder Strap Kit (for the LP3)
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O'Neil AC Adapters (220240-100)
AC adapter, US plug - MF2t, MF4t radio configurations only. (Formerly listed as 250130-000.)
O'Neil (220220-000)
Battery Charger, MF4t, Double Bay (order power supply separately)
O'Neil (210164-017)
Cable, Coiled, Symbol MC9000 Adapter (requires ADP9000-100 cable adapter from Symbol)
O'Neil (210164-015)
Cable, Coiled Right Angle, for connection to Symbol PDT8100
O'Neil (210164-009)
Cable, Coiled Right Angle, for connection to Symbol 1700/2700/2600
Datamax-O'Neil (550039-100)
Battery for microFlash 4t, 7.2V, Lithium Ion 2200 mAh
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O'Neil (510002-003)
Portable Accessory, Cigarette Lighter Power Cable, Mf2, Mf2I, Mf2T, Mf4T, Mc70 Pp
O'Neil (430140-000)
Radio Card, Cisco 802.11b PCMCIA, AIR-PCM352-Americas
O'Neil (220227-000)
Bluetooth SS1 Installation Kit
O'Neil (210164-018)
Cable, Coiled, Symbol PPT8800 Adapter (requires (Part# UCC8800-00) cable adapter from Symbol)

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