Datamax-O'Neil H-4408 RFID Printer

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The Datamax-O'Neil H-4408 RFID revolutionizes thermal and RFID label printing.

The Datamax-O-Neil H-4408 RFID printers revolutionize thermal and RFID label printing. Providing outstanding performance, sound durability, and accurate print quality, the Datamax-O-Neil H-4408 RFID family is the most flexible labeling solution offered in the industry today. Designed for high-volume, missioncritical, and specialty labeling applications, the Datamax-O-Neil H-4408 RFID features a patented cast metal modular construction that combines rugged strength with easy expandability to allow the printer to grow as your labeling needs grow. Other standard features include an intuitive user interface, multiple connectivity methods, host device ports, and megabytes of memory and heavy-duty processing power for fast first label times and quick throughputs.
H-4408 RFID Options
Datamax-O'Neil H-4408 RFID (C34-L1-480000V7)
H-4408 8MB Flash Printer with Tal l Display, BD Thermal transfer, RFID 915 MHz
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Datamax-O'Neil H-4408 RFID (C34-J2-480000R7)
H4408 RFID Thermal transfer Printer (Tall Display, HF and 13.56 MHz)
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