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Datalogic Pegaso Accessories

Pegaso Accessories
Datalogic (95ACC1327)
MSR (for Pegaso)
Datalogic (95ACC1311)
Holster (for the Pegaso)
Datalogic (95ACC1310)
Stylus Pack (Qty. 5) for Pegaso
Datalogic (95ACC1309)
Stylus (3-Pack, Aluminum) for the Pegaso PDA
Datalogic (95ACC1308)
Model Communication Module (for Pegaso)
Datalogic (95ACC1299)
Cable (Cigarette Lighter Adapter) for the Pegaso
Datalogic (95ACC1298)
Cable (Cigarette Light Adapter) for the Pegaso
Datalogic (95ACC1015)
Direct charge power supply for Falcon 4220 and Pegaso units.
Datalogic (95A201016)
Spare battery, high capacity, 3300 mAh lithium-ion, for the P20
Datalogic (95A201015)
Spare battery, standard capacity, 2200 mAh lithium-ion
Datalogic (95A151054)
Four Slot Dock (Charging Only - No Extra Power supply Needed) for the Pegaso
Datalogic (95A151052)
Powered Vehicle Dock (for the Pegaso)
Datalogic (95A151051)
Single Slot Dock (with USB Communication Cable) for the P20
Datalogic (95A051085)
Cable (8 feet, Bits, Coil) for the Pegaso
Datalogic (95A051082)
Cable (Pegaso, Dex)

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